Sachin Tendulkar gets a shave from these two U.P Barbershop girls.

Sachin Tendulkar gets a shave from these two Barbershop girls

Sometimes situation makes us do something that we never thought of but under some circumstances we agree to do because that is not in our hands. If you are social media updated, then you must have heard of Jyoti and Neha who run their father’s barbershop in U.P.

Do you know that they hide their identities for 4 long years. Yes! they never told anyone that they are girls. When their father fell ill, these two girls decided to handle his father’s business. But they never revealed their identity as this profession is men dominated.

Its well said, in todays generation, women can do anything. These two sisters are a great example of breaking gender stereotypes.

They have become so famous that recently Sachin Tendulkar visited their shop to have a shave.

Sachin said,
A First for me! You may not know this, but I have never gotten a shave from someone else before. That record has been shattered today. Such an honour to meet the #BarbershopGirls and present them the @gilletteindiaScholarship.

They are not less than a super women. More power to these sisters.

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