Research: Intake of antibiotic for a long time may be dangerous for women.

antibiotic for a long time may be dangerous for women

Whenever we fall ill, we ourselves become doctor and consume medicines in order to get well. Without even consulting the doctor we start taking antibiotics. Consumption of more antibiotics than needed and using these drugs on every small issue can be dangerous, especially for women.

A recent study has found that women who take antibiotics for a long time increase the risk of heart attack or trauma. A study published in the European Heart Journal found that women of 60 years of age or older who take antibiotics for two months or more, they are at the highest risk of heart disease.

Researchers have found no signs of increasing the risk of the use of antibiotic in adult women between 20-39 years old. The use of antibiotic is likely to be associated with the increased risk of heart disease because antibiotics change the balance of the microscopic environment in the intestine.

Researchers believe that the use of antibiotic is the most important factor in changing the balance of microorganisms in the intestine.

In previous studies, a link between the intestine changes in the microbiotic environment and the contraction of blood vessels and swelling, stroke and heart disease. The researchers studied 36,429 women participating in the Nurses Health Study. The study showed that during the period, women who were consuming antibiotics regularly for more than two months were gradually seeing heart related problems.

As Prof. Qi concludes, “These results, however, contribute to a better understanding of risk factors for all-cause and cardiovascular death.”

“As doctors, we’ve paid a lot of attention to questions of which antibiotics we should use to treat what sorts of infections, but have focused much less on how long that treatment should last,” said Dr. Jan Prins of the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam.

Antibiotic exposure affects balance and composition of the gut microbiome, even after one stops taking antibiotics; so, it is important to better understand how taking antibiotics might impact risks for chronic diseases and death.”- Prof. Lu Qi

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