Reasons why you should not use your favorite petroleum jelly.


Reasons why you should not use your favorite petroleum jelly.

You will find petroleum jelly in almost every house. It has been used for centuries. The petroleum jelly used in commercial works is also called petrolatum or mineral oil. It is not cosmetic but it is a form of topical ointment. Most of us are addicted to Vaseline.

People have been using petroleum jelly for every small problem associated with skin such as dry, torn skin, skin rashes or ulcers. It is used in vaccination and also used in winter and cold.

Although it is available everywhere and people of all ages use it. According to some scientific studies, there are several reasons why we should not use petroleum jelly. So let us now tell you about the side affects of applying petroleum jelly on the skin.

The skin does not get any kind of nutrition:

There are no healing and medicinal compounds in it. If the skin is not clean or moisturized, then putting petroleum jelly is of no use. It gets neutralized on the rusty skin. If you use petroleum jelly daily, it increases the risk of losing your natural moisturizer to the skin.

Petroleum Jelly is a by-product of oil:

However, nowadays it is distilled and rendered, which is colorless and fragrant. Applying petroleum jelly on the skin means that you are using petroleum by-products.

It creates a barrier on the skin:


Petroleum jelly is mostly used for rough and rigid skin. This thick gel stops the moisturizer of the skin. It protects skin from external objects like water, bacteria and air.

It has been found that petroleum jelly has a hydrophobic shield which reduces the amount of trans-epidermal water to 90 percent. The biggest disadvantage is that the skin cannot breathe if it is applied.

In a study published in 2000, it has been found that the transition of petroleum jelly to the treatment of a fungal infection on children has increased even more. The condition of these children has improved only when the use of petroleum jelly was stopped. There are many products available in the market that you can use instead of petroleum jelly or you can make it at home only. You should think about its other options.

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