Reasons why eating lunch at your desk is a bad idea.


Reasons why eating lunch at your desk is a bad idea.

A lunch break in the office is such that there is little relief from work. In the lunch break, people often like to go out of canteens or nearby restaurants, but there are many people who think it is right to have lunch at the desk to save time due to the tension of the workload.

People think that they will start work early if they lunch at their desk and other partners will consider them hard-working. But you may be surprised to know that this habit of eating food at the office desk can make you sick.

Yes, if you have been eating food at the office desk for a long time, then this can really be dangerous. Let’s know about this in detail.

Inflammation in joints:


Sitting constantly in one place, swelling of joints and muscles can occur. One should not sit in one place for a long time. So from time to time, you must go for a short walk. Lunch break is the best option for you to leave the seat.

Mental break:

It’s very important to get a little out of work physically because you do not think about the work at the time of the break and feel recharged by which you can do work more efficiently and quickly.

Less work tension:

Doing lunch on the office desk will make you focus on work only and you will be busy in giving reply of email or chat message. So going out on the break will make your mood good and you will feel relaxed. If you are continuously sitting at the desk, then you may have to face high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes in addition to diseases. Therefore, avoid eating food at the desk as far as possible.


While working at the desk, there are thousands of jerks and bacteria present on our desk and computer keyboard. If you eat food while working, then that bacteria will reach your stomach through your hands and due to this, there may be problems associated with the stomach.

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