Reality Show “Dus Ka Dum”:  Salman Will Charge 150 Crores For 30 Episodes.


Reality Show “Dus Ka Dum”:  Salman Will Charge 150 Crores For 30 Episodes.

Salman Khan will charge Rs. 5 Crore per episode for his upcoming TV show ‘Dus Ka Dum’.

Now TV industry is competing with Bollywood with regard to payment.  If we talk about Salman Khan’s upcoming show ‘Dus Ka Dum’, he will be given Rs 5 crore for each episode of this show. It is said that he will shoot 30 episodes for the show and will charge around 150 crores.

According to the information, the shooting of the show has already started in the film city from 17th May. Salman is shooting two episodes of the show in one day. Let us tell you that Salman was given 11 crores for every episode of the reality show Big Boss.

– If the news is to be believed, ‘Dus Ka Dum’ will be going live from June 4.
– This show will be broadcasted two days Monday and Tuesday. Every episode will be of one and half hours.
– The show’s winner will get Rs 1 crore as prize money. However, the official announcement of prize money will be done later.
– 30 episodes of the show will be shot according to information received from the shooting set, but On Air, there will be only 26 episodes.
– According to information from shooting set, Sony Entertainment is doing this show.
– In ‘Dus Ka Dum’ questions on the Modi government’s campaign survey will also be asked.

Dus Ka Dum, the title track has been released.

Dus ka dum song has been released, Salman is not only dancing in this song but he has also given it a voice. He explained the game show format in the song. Salman has told through Song that this is a game based on the estimate, which has never been seen before. It has also been said in the lyrics that even if the estimate would be almost right, the contests would be given a big amount.

Salman will be on tour from 22nd June

Salman’s manager, Jordan Patel, said that Salman Khan is on a tour to US and Canada from June 22. There he will stay for three weeks. After coming from there, he will shoot the remaining shows. According to the news, the production house will be preparing for the next season of KBC by the production house.

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