Rapido bike company provided free bike service to voters in Lucknow.


Yesterday Polls for the fifth phase of 2019 was held in Lucknow. In such a way, Rapido took the responsibility of helping the voters to reach the right polling booth.

It was a great initiative by them.

The ride was absolutely free from Rapido. The company says that the voters will have to download Rapido App in the phone, after which they can book the bike through the app. This facility was given to people of Lucknow from Rapido, so that every voter can use his vote.

How people used the RAPIDO App?

When booking a ride on the app, the voters used the coupon code ‘IVOTE’. Let us tell you that this facility was only for the people of Lucknow and the scheme was applicable only as long as the voting will be held in the city.

In a statement, Ola then, said,

“In a bid to increase voter participation, Ola has partnered with the office of the Chief Electoral Officer of Karnataka and Mangalore Zilla Panchayat, the Bengaluru District Electoral Officer, and the Commissioner of Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), and the District Electoral Officer and Commissioner of Mysore Corporation to provide free rides to PWD voters.”

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