Ranveer Singh Car Met With An Accident. Deepika fired Driver.


Ranveer Singh Car Met With An Accident. Deepika fired Driver. Yes! You heard it Right.

Love is in the air! Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone are the most lovey-dovey couple of Bollywood. They both share a strong bond with each other. Whether its public or any other function, Ranveer never hesitate to express his love for Deepika. Though they both have not admitted it officially, it is said that by this year they both will be getting married.

There is a big news from Bollywood. Ranveer Singh, who made his acting debut with Padmavat, has faced a car accident, but it is a relief for his fans that Ranveer Singh is safe. And he has not suffered a serious injury. However, Ranveer’s girlfriend Deepika Padukone, and his co-star in Padmavat said that Ranveer’s driver was responsible for this accident and Deepika punished the driver.

The car lost its control and collided with a wall:

In fact, according to the Spotboy report, the incident took place when actor Ranvir Singh was going from his car somewhere recently, and when his driver lost his control and hit a wall in front of him. At the same time, a second car coming after Ranveer’s car came and hit his car. In such a case, Ranvir’s car got badly damaged, though Ranveer Singh has not got any serious injuries in this accident and he survived safely.

According to the media report, after the car accident, Ranveer scolded the driver on the spot but what Deepika did will make shock you!

In fact, according to the media report, as soon as the news of this incident reached Deepika Padukone, Deepika reached there and immediately fired the driver from his job. Not only that, Deepika also scolded him.

Deepika scolded the driver and said that this accident could have been a big accident for Ranveer if the speed of the vehicle coming after Ranvir’s car was much faster then.

Actually, Ranveer’s car met with an accident even a while ago and at that time the same driver was driving the car who had done the accident this time and the special thing was that Deepika Padukone was present in the same car at that time.

However, at the first Accident, Deepika didn’t take any action against the driver. But this time, when this incident took place, Deepika immediately took action against the driver’s negligence and immediately fired him from the job.

Deepika is very conscious about Ranveer Singh. Although Ranveer Singh has been expressing his love for Deepika in public on several occasions, Deepika’s love for Ranveer has also been exposed in this incident.