Ramadan 2018: 15-16 hours in Fasting? Know These Tips To Stay Healthy


Ramadan 2018: 15-16 hours in Fasting? Know These Expert Tips To Stay Healthy.

This year Ramadan will start from 17th May 2018. This time, in 24 hours, the people have to fast for sixteen hours. At the beginning of Ramadan, people have to starve for 15 hours and 15 minutes. In this scorching heat in the month of May, fasting will not be less than a challenge.

Every year, many people keep the fast this whole Ramadan month with full devotion. But while recognizing the significance of this holy month, many people will follow their religion and keep Roja with full devotion. In this hot season, it would be very difficult for the people to control their thirst and fast for continuously 16 hours. If there is no intake of water, then it could lead to dehydration. During Ramadan, many people also faint and suffers from health problems.


Therefore, it is said that people should take proper measures to keep themselves dehydrated and fit during fasting.

So let’s know these expert tips to stay healthy during this Ramadan Month.

Regular Exercise:

You must definitely do yoga or exercise which will keep the body away from stress. Do not do those exercise which consumes more energy. Stay away from those exercises. You can also remain energized by walk or some pushups.

Keep the Balance In Food Consumption:

While eating food, keep this thing in mind, eat food which takes time to digest and gradually gives you energy all day long. Do not eat too much food at the time of ending the fasting eat slowly. Fruits, vegetables, lentil pulses, whole grains, and figs can be proved beneficial for you.


This time Ramadan is in the months of May and June. In such a situation, you may suffer from dehydration. To avoid dehydration, you must drink at least 8 glasses of water. In addition, you include milk and fruit juices and vegetables in the food. During Ramadan, you should avoid coffee tea or cold drinks.


Many people like eating fried snacks and rich chicken and mutton. Do not eat fried food and red meat (mutton) because these can cause acidity and digestive problems. Therefore try to avoid eating oily food.