Rahul Bose shocked after a 5 Star Hotel in Chandigarh Charged him Rs.500 For 2 Bananas.


Rahul Bose is at Chandigarh for his shoot and staying in one of the luxurious and renowned hotel J.W Mariott, where this incident took place. He shared a video on Twitter.

He explained in the video how when he was working out at the gym in the hotel, he ordered two bananas. And when they were delivered to his suite, he was beyond shocked because of the bill – a whopping Rs 442.50! He ended his video by saying, “They are just too good for me.”

Soon after Rahul posted the video on social media, several internet users couldn’t help but drop some hilarious comments on the same. Comments like “Might be these bananas are last in the city”, “That’s so funny. What humans are upto? Where the world is heading up?” and “Jitna gst diya gya itne me 1dozen Banana aajae” were spotted on Rahul’s post.

Rahul Bose Tweeted Saying:

You have to see this to believe it. Who said fruit wasn’t harmful to your existence? Ask the wonderful folks at @JWMarriottChd #goingbananas #howtogetfitandgobroke #potassiumforkings.

It received 2,359 Retweets and 6,466 Likes.

Rahul Bose got charged Rs 442 for 2 bananas, GST included.

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