Pune school’s absurd rule, Girl student should wear specific color of inner wears!


Pune school’s absurd rule, Girl student should wear the specific color of inner wears!

So far you have heard about the school, college and office dress code, but have you ever heard of a special dress code about the innerwear? A Pune school has issued a strange absurd order regarding the innerwear of girl students. In which the girls have been given strict guidelines for wearing the specific color of underwear.

Yes, you heard it right! It may be a little surprise to hear but Gurukul School of MIT Institute of Pune has asked girls to wear white or skin color of inner wears.

In this regard, the school administration has included this in the rules written in the school diary and the parents have been asked to sign it. Parents of students studying at this school got angry after reading the guidelines.

For the safety of girls:

Parents are angry with this strange rule, they have even protested against the school administration. But school management says that these rules have been made to protect girls.

Even for going toilet, the guideline is made:

School administration has issued 20 to 22 complex rules for girl students besides issuing the color of innerwear. In one of these rules, children are also banned from the use of the toilet too many times. ‘Not only this, an affidavit has been signed by the parents for this and the violation has been warned directly against criminal proceedings.

Fine will be imposed:

According to the rules written in the Gurukul’s School Diary, the students studying in Gurukul schools will have to wear white and skin innerwear. No other colors will be accepted. Apart from Medical status and Emergency, school toilets will be used at a given time. School students will get a penalty of 500 rupees if the students were found wasting drinking water and using electricity unnecessarily.

The penalty will be charged on improper use of the sanitary pads

Besides this, if sanitary pads are not properly placed the in dustbin, then a penalty of Rs 500 will be taken and the parents will also have to bear the burden of cleaning expenses which have been dirty due to the food dropped by their children. Will be The skirt length of the girls should be only up to the knees and they will have to stitch their kids uniform from the management’s authorized teller.

Girls will not do any kind of makeup and the students will not make any tattoos. The hair should be small. Apart from this, the size of the earring is mandatory for girls. Apart from this, 1500 rupees will be charged from the students for Cycle Parking.


“The colored inner-wears worn under white uniform could draw unpleasant comments,” said Suchitra Karad-Nagare explaining the rationale behind the specific colored inner-wears for girls.

“The loo break rule is to bring discipline and to ensure the safety of the students as sometimes students had excused themselves and didn’t return to their classes for a long time in the past,” she added.

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