Prevent Skin Cancer By Following These Healthy Tips In Summer


Prevent Skin Cancer By Following These Healthy Tips In Summer.

If you like wearing short clothes during the summer season in which your skin gets expose to sun then you should change your habit as soon as possible. In the summer, the sun rays directly on the earth, which can cause many diseases such as skin cancer.

In summer, there is hot weather in countries like India, and people like wearing shorts, skirts or flip flops tend to love more so that they do not feel hot. However, the UV rays of the sun is very harmful for skim and therefore, as much as possible, cover yourself completely when you get exposed to sunlight, so that you can be saved from sunburn, heat stroke and skin cancer.

Skin cancer is a disease that affects skin cells. If it is not detected at the time or the treatment is not started then it can take even more fierce form. Research for many years has been found in which many types of skin cancer are growing in people due to sun rays and UV rays.

So let’s know about some tips to avoid skin cancer during the summer season.

Oats in breakfast:

We all know that breakfast is most essential in the whole day’s meal. Having nothing in breakfast or unhealthy things such as muffins, samosa or dessert, does not only harm the health, but also spoils our body. Eating healthy foods like Oats can prevent cancer from growing in cells.

Eat Yogurt:

You should eat yogurt daily. Curd or Greek yogurt is the main part of the diet and it is more beneficial to eat it during the summer season. Yogurt improves the growth of good bacteria in some organs of the body. It has also been found in many studies that having good bacteria in the body helps fight skin cancer-causing factors.

Drink Coffee:

Everyday we come across some of the studies regarding coffee. Some says its beneficial for health and other says its not. However, this has been proved that drinking a cup of coffee in the day does not harm the health. Apart from this, it has also been revealed in many research that coffee not only fills with energy but also protects high levels of antioxidants from skin cancer. These antioxidants protect against sun radiation and free radical damage caused by UV radiation.

Eat green vegetables:

From childhood we are taught that eating green vegetables like spinach, mint and asparagus benefits the health. Green vegetables are rich in nutrients and they also provide many benefits to the health. At the same time, adding green vegetables to the diet during the summer season also reduces the risk of skin cancer as it contains vitamin A and C which prevents sun damage from skin cells.