Pratyusha Banerjee’s ex boyfriend is all set to marry this tv actress.


Pratyusha Banerjee’s ex-boyfriend is all set to marry this tv actress.

The late TV actress Pratyusha Banerjee’s ex-boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh has moved ahead in his life. He is the only one who was spotted crying and broken after hearing the suicide news of Pratyusha in April 2016. There are reports that Rahul is going to marry his X girlfriends and TV actress Saloni Sharma.

On Wednesday, Rahul had celebrated his Birthday, he also shared many photos of Celebration on social media. In this post, he also shared the importance of Saloni in his life.

Saloni bought a birthday cake for Rahul and got ‘Happy Birthday hubby’ written on top.

Rahul shared a post on Instagram and thanked everyone including his friends and family.

It has been a long year for me…one which had many ups and downs..several highs and several lows….but like they say…what does not kill u…only makes you stronger…on my Birthday today…I would like to wish every single person who came, who wished me, who called and messaged, and even those who didn’t!! Thanks so much!! And of course A Very Happy Birthday to Me!!!

1This is my year and I will come out with positivity and hopefully with a lot of success! A special thanks to my dear Saloni Sharma@onlysimkie…my soon to be wife and partner for life…u have been there when no one could!!

Loved all the surprises!! THANK YOU BAPI MA FOR THE WONDERFUL VIDEO! Thank you to my dear family for giving birth to me so I can celebrate this day!! Thank you Raj and Tanya for your midnight visit! Thank you Rahul Dwivedi for your creativity…Thank you Bablu and Dharmendra for being there smiling and dancing…Thank uuuu! Muah!

The duo is all set to marry soon. It’s good that Rahul has moved in his life. He is currently engaged in event management.

After the death of Pratyusha, Rahul remained in the relationship with Saloni

After the death of Pratyusha (1 April 2016), Rahul has been in a relationship with longtime TV actress Saloni Sharma. At some time already news of discord between the two had come in the media. The couple had said a lot to each other on social media, after which Saloni had made a distance from Rahul. Later it was reported that after Saloni, Rahul is dating the South Actress Sita Narayan. Both were spotted having a party together.

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