PM Narendra Modi Biopic:Vivek Oberoi gets Police Protection after receiving life threat.


If you are active on social media, then you must be aware of the trending news. Vivek Oberoi is trending on the headlines for his comment and meme on Lok Sabha Election 2019.

Vivek Oberoi shared a meme on twitter and after that he himself got trolled.

The tweet mocked Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and her relationships. The actor was badly slammed on Internet for passing such offensive comments on a woman.

“Those who are in the meme have no objection while scores of politicians are trying to politicize the issue. They don’t work on issues but start their politics on such non-issues. There is a ‘Didi’ in West Bengal who puts people behind jail for a meme. Now, these people are demanding to put Vivek Oberoi behind bars. They were unable to stop my film and hence are now are trying to put me behind bars,” Vivek had said.

Refusing to tender apologies, he had said: “People are asking me to apologize. I have no problem in apologizing, but tell me what wrong have I done. If I have done something wrong, I will apologize. I don’t think I have done anything wrong. What’s wrong in it? Somebody tweeted a meme and I laughed at it.”

According to the report, Vivek Oberoi, who is going to play a lead role in PM Modi’s biopic, has received threatening to kill him before the film release, due to which he has been provided with police protection while exercising strictly in his security. On Wednesday, a police official informed that Vivek was getting life threat on the phone and after confirming it, two private security officers were provided to him from the Mumbai Police.

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