People are scared after seeing this 118-year-old picture. You will be shocked after reading it.


There are various types of traits that are related to ghosts. It is also believed that spirits can even reside in a human body. Just like the ghost does not appear in the mirror, they can not enter the temple, their picture does not come out in the camera and you can even cross them. Similar stories are seen in movies. However, there are some instances which prove that all our known things are wrong and also force them to rely on the existence of the spirits.

This one incident made everyone shocked!!

Don’t believe us? There is a similar picture that is 118 years old, when you see it, you will feel very normal, but when you look, you will be shocked. There is something in this picture that raises many questions that what we see is a recurring vision or a reality. The things we have come to believe till now, was wrong, and the truth is anything else or that which we can see can be true? There is something like this hidden in these pictures, if you look carefully at these pictures you will have different questions in your mind.

These pictures are some of the girls standing together who have folded their hands. This picture was taken in the Ireland capital of Belfast in 1990. All the girls who were seen in it used to work in the textile mill. Everyone was wearing their uniform at that time. The tools are tied in their waist and all hands are folded up. You will find that there is a point to look into. We will tell you what is that which makes this photo horrible.

Who’s hand is this?

This photo was first posted on the Internet by Belfast Live. While posting a picture, no one noticed this, but a comment from a woman named Linda had forced the people to think. OMG, Linda had written while pointing towards the corner standing girl, did anyone has noticed the mysterious hands on the shoulder of the girl. Significantly, the person who posted this photo was also surprised.

There is a hand on the shoulder of the girl like someone has caught her, but there is no girl next to her. The girl standing behind is also holding her hand. OMG then who is the one who has placed her hand on that girl? It was said that the matter has been altered with the picture, but at the time the picture came, the technology was not so right that such changes were made. In such a situation, two questions arise, whose hand was that? Was it a girl or a boy? Second, whether the girl has noticed that somebody has caught her, but nobody was present beside her.

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