Pak Minister tweets a video game clip and Twitteratis just can’t stop reacting.


A few days ago Pakistani leaders became a cat in the Facebook Live video. This video was trolled very badly.

After this, a Pakistani anchor understood Apple Inc. as an “apple”. Even before that, many anchors have entertained us with their finest anchoring and reporting skills.

Pakistan never fail to entertain the users worldwide. And we Indians are expert in creating different memes, that gives us a alot of contents.

A Pakistani leader, Khurram Nawaz tweeted a video on July 5. A plane was saves from getting collided with oil tanker in the video. In his tweet, the minister praised the pilot. The matter seems to be normal but it is not.

Actually this is video of a video game Grand Theft Auto.

As soon as he twitted this video, people started trolling him:

However, Minister has now deleted this post ;D

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