Pairs Of Zodiac Signs That Are Completely Opposite But Share Beautiful Chemistry


Many of us have met couples who differ completely from each other but still share an amazing bond and chemistry. We all can agree to the old saying “Opposites attract”. Undoubtedly, compatibility ensures peace and stability in a relationship but it often lacks spark and intimacy.

A conflicting picture of the relationship might arise between opposing personalities but there is a fair chance that opposites might attract.

Zodiac signs can tell a lot about an individual’s personality. Here are some zodiac pairs that have opposite personalities but share an amazing chemistry:

1) Gemini And Sagittarius
No doubt, there is a large disparity between these two signs but when they do come in a relationship magic might happen. Despite the difference in personalities, they have a unique ability to understand each other. With Gemini denoting the air sign and Sagittarius denoting the fire sign, the relationship between the two can be pretty fiery. There might be some petty argument but that’s a part of a healthy and vibrant relationship.

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2) Taurus and Scorpio
These signs depict absolute opposition, yet complete each other in a beautiful way. What makes them extra special is how each partner’s strength covers up for the other partner’s weakness and them an amazing couple. While taurus symbolizes passion, Scorpio symbolizes power making them both sensual in their own alluring ways.

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3) Aries and Libra
These two signs are at extreme opposite polarities that often gives a negative impression of a complicated relationship. That’s not true at all as each sign possesses the quality that the other lacks making their bond like the one made in heaven. Libra symbolizes partnership while Aries is the sign of self so Libra always maintains a harmonic balance in the relationship. Libra’s basic nature is indecisive thus Aries with its decisive nature can teach to trust it’s interest for answers.

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4) Leo and Aquarius
The basic nature of people with Leo sign is to be in control of everything. It represents dominance and authority. Aquarius, on the other hand, symbolises cool and calm personality. Leo is into doing rather than thinking so it also helps Aquarius to get into action.

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