Now you will be able to share your WhatsApp story on Facebook & Instagram too.


WhatsApp company keeps improving its app from time to time. People who earlier don’t use the Internet, because of Whatsapp they have started using the Internet. In this way, developers of Whatsapp also continue to work on improving their app and adding new features.

This time, the WhatsApp company has decided to add a new feature to its app. Now you will be able to share your Whatsapp story directly on Facebook and Instagram. Let us tell you that this kind of feature has already been given on Instagram. On Instagram, users can share their posts with other apps such as Facebook or Twitter.

Share Your Whatsapp Story:

Currently, the developers of WhatsApp are also working on this feature. According to The Verge report, this feature is currently being tested through Whatsapp Beta program. In this test, the States section of Whatsapp is being tested by adding a new sharing option. Through this sharing option, users will be able to directly share their stories on many apps like Instagram, Gmail, Facebook.

According to The Verge report, the company says, “Through this feature, the story will be shared on Facebook and Instagram, but still the account of WhatsApp will not be linked to Instagram and Facebook, apart from WhatsApp’s status. If users want to share on Facebook and Instagram, they will have to do it by choosing the option itself.”

Latest WhatsApp Updates:

If we talk about latest updates on WhatsApp, recently, the company rolled out v2.19.173 for the WhatsApp Beta. Following this new update, there will be a feature in which the users will be able to see their WhatsApp contact list and the list of names of people in the group with whom they have shared photos or videos.

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