New Update Related 4G Restoration in Jammu and Kashmir


In order to restore peace, the Union territory government first issued orders to ban high speed 3G, 4G internet services till February 24 in Jammu and Kashmir. As quoted in a notice released by Jammu and Kashmir government, 2G internet services remained open with 1400+ white list websites. The service can only be used to access 301 websites approved by the Jammu and Kashmir administration, an official order had said.

To clarify the temporary suspension of internet services in the region, the union territory government was quoted saying, “It has also been reported attempts have been made to disturb the public peace by spreading rumors to incite the general public over the last week which reinstated temporary suspension on the mobile data for limited period of time by the authorized officers.” The issued notice also guides people to not use the services to upload “provocative material inimical to the interest of the state.”

A communication blackout was clamped on Jammu and Kashmir on August 5 when the center abolished article 370 that gave the state a special status and also by moving a bifurcated the state into two separate union territories of Jammu and Kashmir, and Ladakh.

Jammu & Kashmir Apni Party (JKAP) President Altaf Bukhari made an appeal to the Union minister Amit Shah to restore high speed internet services in the Jammu and Kashmir as a preventive measure against COVID19. In his statement, Bukhari explained that restoration of high speed internet services in J&K would help people especially students to remain engaged inside their homes thereby preventing the spread of the novel virus. Expressing his worries about the future of the students of J&K, he said that since educational institutions are closed, students have no option but to remain idle which affects their studies.

JKAP president breifed that the alarming rate of spread of coronavirus is a grave issue, public health officials have called for minimal public gatherings – which is in turn pushing a number of activities online. Bukhari said, “The issue is particularly severe for schools, where the risk of spreading the disease is high. As many J&K schools have shifted to online lesson plans, home restricted students are running into the limitations of mobile internet services, which leave most of them unable to connect to their new online classrooms or download lesson plans”.

He expressed that hopefully the restoration of 4G services will help in easing out the difficult situation.

As per the latest orders issued by the government of the union territory, people of J&K will have to be more patient and wait a little longer to enjoy the high speed internet services. The 2G internet services will remain accessible in the UT.

The order released by principal (home) secretary Shaleen Kabra reads, “The directions/restrictions contained in the March 4 order shall continue to remain operative till March 26, 2020 unless modified.”