Never download these Banks mobile apps on your phone, or your money will dissapear in seconds.


There was a time when someone had to transfer the money, or deposit the money in the bank or to withdraw it, then they have to visit bank several times but today everything is digitally enabled.

Today, you can transfer and receive money in seconds. You can transfer the money from one account to another, and in minutes the money is withdrawn from the ATM. Many techniques have made the person’s job easier and everyone is keeping their bank handy with the help of apps in their smartphone.

Downloading this Mobile banking apps on your mobile phones can make your money dissapear in seconds.

If you also use your mobile banking app for transactions, then you should be careful!. We are saying this because a report has revealed that there are many fake bank’s apps on the Google Play Store that are stealing people’s data.

According to the reports, fake apps have been made of several other banks including State Bank of India (SBI), ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, City Bank, and the customer data is being stolen. As soon as the customer downloads the app and enters the data, these data are received by the frauds. With these details, they withdraw money in minutes. According to a report by IT security firm Sophos Labs, this claim has been made.

According to them, fake apps of all these major banks have been made available in the Google Play Store. It has also been said in the report that the logo of these fake Android app is made very closely related to the related banks and in this case, the customer can not differentiate between fake and real. Therefore they fall into this prey and download the app, and does the transaction.

These Banks are mentioned under this report:

In this report, this banks fake appliactions has come to the notice. Banks including State Bank of India (SBI), ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, City Bank, Indian Overseas Bank, Bank of Baroda, Yes Bank. These banks have been targeted.

According to the City India spokesperson, the applications mentioned are not affected by their bank. The bank has also asked Sophos Labs to remove the name from the report by writing a letter. On the other hand, Yes Bank says that they have given information about this matter to their Cyber ​​Crime Department and as soon as they know about it, it will be removed from Google play store.

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