MS Dhoni run out creates a Controversy. The 6 fielders were outside the 30 yard circle.


In a video clip going viral online, 6 New Zealand fielders are seen positioned outside the 30-yard circle in the delivery that MS Dhoni was run out. According to the rules of the game, only 5 fielders are allowed outside the 30-yard circle.

India’s start of semi-final between India and New Zealand was extremely disappointing. After 5 wickets falling, Sir Jadeja and Dhoni tried to handle the innings but in the end, New Zealand won the match.

The target seemed to be close, then Jadeja lost his wicket. Needing 25 runs on 10 balls and Dhoni got run out for the second run.

After the match ended, a picture appeared on the social media late night, in which 6 players were seen outside the 30 yard circle. According to cricket rules, only 5 fielders can stay outside the 30 yard circle. Even if the umpire gave no-ball also, Dhoni was run out, the Indian team would get a free hit and maybe the result of the match would be something else.

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