“MS Dhoni is mature enough to take decision on Retirement”: Jadgale


Since World Cup 2019, there are a lot of speculations about the retirement of Dhoni, on which the team management cleared everything. Yes, when Dhoni was going out of the field against New Zealand, the viewers felt that this would be his last innings, but now the team management has openly talked to it.

Not only this, Team Management did not only talk about Dhoni’s retirement, but they also spoke on why he should not retire.

Everyone is suggesting Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s retirement because of not being able to play the role of spectacular finisher in the World Cup, but the opinion of Team Management is just the opposite. Talking about the media, team management completely talked about the future, talking about the future of Dhoni’s retirement. Actually, even though Dhoni’s performance is not spreading its magic these days, but his need in the team understand the whole world.

“Dhoni is a great player and has always selflessly played for India. In my opinion, the Indian team currently has no viable alternative to Dhoni as wicketkeeper-batsman, Jagdale said. 

“Dhoni is mature enough to take a decision on his retirement. But the (national) selectors should meet him to find out what is going on in his mind about his professional future as was done in the case of Sachin Tendulkar before his retirement,” added Jagdale (68), a former office-bearer of the Madhya Pradesh Cricket Association. “The selectors should also inform Dhoni in what capacity they want to see him in the future, he said. 

“The selectors should also inform Dhoni in what capacity they want to see him in the future, he said.

“Dhoni played in the World Cup as per the team’s requirement. In the semi-final also he was batting as per the same strategy but unfortunately he got run out at a crucial moment

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