Best Hikes In Mount Rainier National Park

mount rainier national park

Mount Rainier, standing at nearly 14,000 feet tall and visible from the skyline of Seattle, Washington, is awe-inspiring. The national park’s major attraction is this active volcano, which is surrounded by nearly 250 miles of hiking paths.

1. Nisqually Vista

This short route begins at the Henry Jackson Visitor Center and is ideal for the whole family to enjoy. It’s paved, so most people can do it and it won’t take up too much of their time.

It’s very possible that you’ll see some of Mount Rainier’s famed wildflowers if you visit in August.

The Nisqually Vista walk provides spectacular views of the mountain and flowers with little effort.

2. The Patriarchs’ Grove

The Grove of the Patriarchs route differs from many of the other paths in the park because it takes you through an old-growth forest rather than through mountains.

You’ll be able to go across a suspension bridge and visit a small island surrounded by old-growth trees, mosses, and flowers. It’s undoubtedly one of the park’s most popular trails, owing to its unique vibe in comparison to other trails and the fact that it’s accessible to virtually everybody.

3. Myrtle Falls

In Mount Rainier National Park, the Myrtle Falls vista is a must-see.

Before reaching the waterfall, you’ll walk for about 0.4 kilometers along the Skyline Trail, which is paved.

On a clear day, the view of Myrtle Falls with Mount Rainier in the distance is breathtaking. Even on foggy days, you’ll be able to see the lovely waterfall.

For this short hike, you can either turn around at Myrtle Falls or continue on to the Skyline Loop.

4. Sunrise Nature Trail

This short circular walk begins at the Sunrise Day Lodge and highlights the park’s beauty in just a short distance.

Sunrise Nature Trail demonstrates that you don’t have to travel far to enjoy spectacular views in this national park!

Mountain goats, marmots, and other species may be seen grazing the fields and wandering the park during this hike.

You’ll also get a fresh perspective on Mount Rainier, with wildflowers blooming all around.

5. Loop around Tipsoo Lake

This short stroll circles a tiny lake with views of the mountains in the distance. It’s a terrific hike for families because there’s almost little height gain and the terrain isn’t too difficult.

Wildflowers bloom around the lake throughout the summer, filling the picture with purple and yellow hues. However, I would recommend putting on some insect spray before going out because mosquitos are abundant here!