Monsoon Tips: How to treat your hair after getting wet in rain.


Monsoon Tips: How to treat your hair after getting wet in rain.

Who does not like monsoon season? Everyone likes the monsoon season. However, in order to enjoy the rain this season, we have to take care of many things. If you get wet in the rain, then it becomes more important to take care of yourself.

In the rain of monsoon, the maximum effect of wetting occurs on the hair. It is very difficult to keep the hair healthy in monsoon. If your hair is wet in the rain, then with the help of these tips you can save hair loss.

Hair cleansing:

Hair cleansing is very important. In order to keep your hair healthy, you must regularly clean your hair. If your hair is clean then there will be no frizziness.

If there are very heavy rains outside and you do not have umbrellas and you are in a hurry then do not forget to clean the hair when you come home after getting wet in the rain. Come home and immediately wash hair with shampoo. This will remove all the pollutants and toxins accumulated in the hair from the rainwater.

You can also take bath by putting neem leaves in bath water. Before washing the hair, put some neem leaves in bath water. Neem contains anti-bacterial compounds. The risk of fungal infection increases due to the humidity in monsoon season. Washing the hair with neem leaves cleans the dust on the scalp completely and protects the scalp from all types of infection. Dandruff will also disappear from the scalp from neem leaves. If you do not shampoo hair after bathing in the rain, then it will make your hair weak and it will start falling.

Dry your hairs:

Bacteria grow very quickly in the hair, especially during the monsoon when there is cold weather. Because of this, there may be an infection on Scalp. Always dry hair completely. First, use towels to dry hair. If you have time, then let hair dry itself or else use a blow dryer. Use the protective spray to prevent hair loss from damage. Set the hair dryer at the lowest temperature.

Have a haircut:

Regular trim is also important in the monsoon season. With this, split ends will get over. The regular haircut makes the hair look beautiful and classy. So next time when the monsoon comes, do not be afraid to get wet in the rain.

With the help of these tips, you can make your hair healthy and strong even during monsoon season.

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