Meet the Indian Rihanna Renee Kujur. Her pictures got viral on the Internet.


Meet the Indian Rihanna Renee Kujur. Her pictures got viral on the Internet.

These days, the pictures of a girl are tremendously trending on social media. People across the world are calling her Indian Rihanna. This girl is a model Renee Kuzur, who is from Chhattisgarh.

Her face features exactly match the international superstar singer Rihanna. Seeing viral photos in Renee’s social media, you would say the same. Although due to her dark color, Renee had to fight a lot in order to get her identity in modeling. Though Renee journey was not so easy but her Inspiring journey inspires many girls like her. Today, Renee is counted in the country’supermodels.

Renee Kuzur is a resident of Chhattisgarh, and since childhood people used to tease her for her black color. Reminiscing about an incident of her childhood, Renee explains that when she became a part of fairy fashion competition for the first time, everyone called her ‘Kali Pari‘. After this Renee’s confidence completely broke, but gradually the people began to feel that she looks similar to Rihanna, and from here her success began. Renee has now become a supermodel, she has done many jewelry and clothes photoshoots.

People call her Rihanna:

Renne has a long list of people who says she is beautiful and she says, ‘some fairies are black’. Today, social media has become crazy for Renee Kuzur and they are confused too. These people are saying her Indian Rihanna. First of all, her friends then the photographers began to say to the clients that Renee looks like Rihanna, and from there it started.

Due to her color, Renne was trolled:

She says that when she came to that world by dreaming of making a career in modeling, many times she had to face many failures because of her color. Due to black color and poor English, nobody was ready to take her in their project.

When the make-up artist made the joke:

Renne shared an incident about her color that the photographers used to ask the make-up artist to first lighten her skin tone and edit the photos too much. Renee explains that once the make-up artist also said that anybody can do the makeup of a beautiful girl, look I made a black girl beautiful.

A friend said she looks like Rihanna:

Renne explains that one day her friend said that she looks like Rihanna and then took her photo without makeup. After that, gradually all of them started saying the same. Then the photographers also told the clients that Renee is Indian Rihanna, her face looks like Pop Star Rihanna. And for this reason, Renee got many projects in modeling.

She wants to say Rihanna Thanks:

Renne says that due to her appearance of Rihanna many things started to happen. As if she did not have to say that she is beautiful, because people already consider Rihanna to be beautiful.

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