Meet The Hottest Bollywood Mommy After Kareena Kapoor Khan : Sunny Leone


Sunny Leone is one of the most talked about actresses of Bollywood. She has transformed herself from a porn star to a gorgeous mommy in the B-town. The way she stylishly steps out with her little munchkin is totally adorable. The outing of this beautiful momma with her kids is cute enough to melt your heart. These pictures are a proof that Sunny Leone is the hottest Bollywood mommy after Bebo.

Here’s taking a look at the endearing pictures of her with her kids:

1) Her first family photo is just love

The family donned matching white tees for their first family picture. The little munchkins look so cute. This photo melted the hearts of millions of people.

2) When the family coordinated

The family that dresses alike, looks alike – The Weber family act on this saying quite often. This picture of the Weber family in identical clothes is simply adorable. Have so you a family picture more coordinated than this one?

3) Hot mama is slaying in a crop top

Sunny Leone in a black crop and hot spectacles is the definition of a hot mama. The way she is carrying the little munchkin is heart-warming.

4) Proof that the Weber family is the most stylish

It’s hard to get our eyes away from this beautiful family. Take a look at the Sunny’s “Heartbreak hotel” t-shirt. Isn’t it adorable the way she is carrying her son in her arms and holding the hand of her daughter?

5) Cute mommy, cute kid

This white and striped shirt look is super cool and elegant. The kid dressed in orange t-shirt looks as cute as a button. Don’t miss the munchkin’s expression.

6) The family snapped by paparazzi at the airport

Sunny with her husband and daughter were snapped coming out from the airport. Sunny looks simple and beautiful in black t-shirt and denim. Daniel Weber looks uber cool in black t-shirt and is carrying their daughter in his arms. The cute baby girl donned in a white dress looks like an angel.