Dhak Dhak Girl Turns 51. Know Madhuri’s Health and Beauty Secrets.


Madhuri Dixit Turns 51 Yesterday. Know Madhuri’s Health and Beauty Secrets.

Madhuri Dixit is one of the most beautiful actresses of Bollywood. Its true, Age is just a number. From the beginning of her career, she was able to impress people with her charm and beauty. Our Dhak Dhak girl still looks so young and beautiful that no one can imagine that she is 51 and a mother of two children.

Madhuri Dixit turned 51 years old on May 15. Madhuri, who is known in Bollywood for her performance and beautifully crowning the hearts of fans, still makes everyone go crazy for her smile. As Madhuri’s age is increasing, she is becoming more beautiful as well.

To get such glowing skin like Madhuri, girls do many experiments like using expensive products, using home remedies etc. But sometimes all these remedies do not work. Today we are going to reveal the hidden beauty secrets of Madhuri. Now you can also get glowing skin like her.

So come let’s know the beauty secrets of Madhuri:

She eats Organic Vegetables:

Recently Madhuri had shared a picture of capsicum, in which she wrote the caption ‘Finally, Capsicum of my own garden’ on which she wrote organic, vegetables, gardening in the hashtag. Its clear, Madhuri likes to eat organic vegetables.

Madhuri loves to dance:

Madhuri keeps herself fit from Dance. She herself has said many times, ‘From the very beginning, I am quite aware of my health. I never compromise with my eating and exercise. If you want to keep your body fit, then it is important to do regular exercises like mornings walk and workout. Apart from this, Dancing is the most important part of her routine, which gives her energy and she remains fit. Madhuri says she does not believe in the gym. She practices kathak dance for 2-3hrs in the week at the house and only works for 2 days, which keeps her fit.

Loves Japanese Diet:

Madhuri loves Japanese Diet to maintain her fitness. She likes to eat boiled, roasted or lightly fried food, So she likes to cook tofu, mixed vegetables, and mushrooms etc. in Japanese style. So that high-quality protein, iron, vitamins and other nutrients get into the body.

She is Fond of Green Tea:

Madhuri likes to drink herbal tea instead of ordinary tea. At the same time, she drinks coconut water to keep herself hydrated. There is also a small quantity of potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and sodium present in coconut water, which gives energy to the body.

She does Face cleansing every day:

Madhuri clears her face every day with a cleanser. Sometimes the toner is used and the olay toner feels very good to skin. Madhuri puts this cream in the night.