Lok Sabha Election 2019: The most beautiful female candidate who stole everybody’s heart. See the pictures here.


Lok Sabha election has ended but this beautiful lady has stolen everyone’s heart.

Lok Sabha election 2019 has ended and BJP became a government with full majority. The election of this year was very interesting and the whole country supported the Modi government to regain power and the NDA got about 345 seats while the BJP crossed the 300-mark mark. Most BJP candidates have won in the whole country and even Smriti Irani defeated Rahul Gandhi from Amethi.

Another interesting thing happened among these electoral matters is that the most beautiful candidate of the Lok Sabha elections 2019 has stole many hearts, even the bollywood actresses are failed infront of her beauty.

The Most Beautiful Candidate of Lok Sabha 2019 Election:

During the polling, the picture of two women went very viral, who wore yellow sari and blue dress. Their duty was on the polling booth and it was said that during that time many people came to vote but kept starring at them. But now the result has come and in the meantime a beautiful candidate is been discussed on social media. Trinamool Congress (TMC) had fielded 17 women candidates in the Lok Sabha elections in the total of 42 candidates in the year 2019 and most of them won the election.

They gave tickets to many social workers and women working in these areas. There are also candidates who have been very viral during the Lok Sabha elections in the social media and it is believed that they are the most beautiful candidates.

She is a TMC candidate of Jadavpur, Mimi Chakraborty. Mimi Chakraborty is now 30 years old and has been an actress by profession and now she has stepped into politics. At present, her original identity is as an actress, she started her acting career in the year 2011, and after that she was seen in many Bengali movies, but now she wants to try her luck in politics.

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