These Five Learning Apps Have Changed The face of education in India

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With the current situation, where schools are closed due to the pandemic most of the parents are worried about their kids’ education.  Home schooling is good to an extent but post which your kid needs to learn and grow with what’s good for them and their future.

Don’t worry parents, as technology has given way to online learning platforms which helps students learn new skills and one need not look out to go to a physical classroom to study or gather knowledge. Not just kids but even adults have many learning platforms to better their skills.

This doesn’t just create a competitive school like atmosphere but also helps job seekers acquire new skills for their career. Let’s find out what are the five learning apps to coach the future of our country:

Five Learning Apps in India

BYJUS Online Classes:  Founded by Byju Raveendran in 2011, is an online tutoring firm. In 2019 it was the most valued company in the world. Byju’s- The Learning app offers educational content to students from class 1-12.

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UpGrad Online Classes:
 learning doesn’t stop with age; one needs to improve their skillset to have a better career and this platform offers courses just to do that. Working Professionals prefer this app as it has a vast number of courses in Technology and Digital Marketing

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Toppr Learning Apps:
This is an app for students between classes 5th to 12th.  It prepares you for all the exams that one would give to move ahead in their career. It is a very intuitive structure for learning and offers live classes and video classes.

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WhiteHatJr Learning Apps:
This Mumbai based EdTech startup is teaching coding to young kids. It is one of the best learning experiences and kids can take up coding since a very young age and it prepares them and makes coding easier.

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Adda247 Learning Apps:  This website helps you prepare for competitive exams for government jobs, it is Indias first government exam preparation website and it has video courses and books to train them.