Learn Social Distancing From The Pro! Shopkeeper Uses Thick Pipe To Give Items To Customers


Ever since the government declared about the lockdown, grocery and milk store across the country are coming up with innovative precautionary measures. Considering the multitude of people that are arriving at the stores to stock up, social distancing measures have to be adopted in order to stay safe.

Recently, a photo of a grocery store shopkeeper who has adopted a very unique way of social distancing has gone viral on social media platforms. What the shopkeeper did to ensure safety against the virus is, he installed a thick plastic pipe near the counter of his shop to transfer goods to his customers.

The innovative technique used by the shopkeeper to maintain social distance also attracted the attention of Congress MP Shashi Tharoor. He shared it on Twitter and wrote, “How to maintain physical distance between shopkeeper & customer while buying essential supplies — the Kerala way! #COVID19India.”

The shopkeeper is providing the perfect example of fulfilling your duty and still maintaining a safe physical distance from the customers.

Another applaud worthy example of social distancing was seen at a liquor shop in Kerala’s Kannur district. People were seen following a safe distance from each other in order to stop the spread of the pandemic. It’s great to see people getting aware and diligently following the government.

The increases awareness can also be witnessed from the fact that many shops across the country have been drawing circles and squares to enforce social distancing rules. It simply indicates that people should wait while maintaining safe distance.

Kiran Bedi, the Lieutenant-Governor of Puducherry, wrote as she shared a picture of five people standing inside equidistant circles drawn on the road outside a small milk booth. Each circle is drawn a few feet away from the other inside which people are standing and patiently waiting for the turn.

In Gujarat’s Mudra district, people were seen standing in similar queques. People stood inside numbered squares ans waited for their turn to make the purchase. A police also kept an eye.

India went on a 21 day complete lockdown to stop the transmission of the deadly CoV-2 virus.

In order to contain the virus and prevent it’s spread, several states have banned gatherings under Section 144.