Kainchi Dham or The Mark Zuckerberg Temple: The Temple Which Continues To Fascinate The West


Uttarakhand, which is popularly known as “The Land Of Gods” is home to a very special place called “Kainchi Dham”.

Kainchi Dham is a small quaint place-17 km from Nainital and 9 km from Bhowali. The name comes from a local Kumaoni word ‘Kainchi’ which means ‘two sharp hairpin bends’ that is seen on the Nainital-Almora road. The town is located between two hills that intersects and crosses each other to form a scissor-like shape. So the name might also have originated from their.

The very concept of this dham came into existence when Maharaj Karoli Baba and Shri Poornanand of the Kainchi Village proposed building an Ashram here dedicated to Sombari Maharaj and Sadhu Premi Baba who used to perform yagnas in this exact place. Maharaj Karoli Baba is considered one of the biggest saints of the 20th century. He is quite popular in the west as well. Some of the notable disciples of Karoli Baba include Ram Dass (the author of Be Here Now), humanitarian Larry Brilliant and his wife Girija, scholar and write Yvotte Rosser, author of Emotional Intelligence Daniel Goleman etc.

Steve Jobs along with his friend Dan Kottke, arrived in India in order to meet him in 1973. However, they arrived after Baba died in September of that year.

In 1962, a temple was constructed their devoted to Lord Hanuman over the rectangular platform. Adjacent to the Hanuman temple, is the Kainchi temple and ashram for the devotees. A cave is located beside the temple where Baba Neem Karoli used to spend his time praying and meditating. It is considered a sacred area.

Mark Zuckerberg had also visited the temple. Talking about the same in meeting with PM Modi, he said, “He (Jobs) told me that in order to reconnect with what I believed as the mission of the company I should visit this temple that he had gone to in India, early on in his evolution of thinking about what he wanted Apple and his vision of the future to be.”

Since he visited the divine place, the media has called it the “Mark Zuckerberg Temple”. It is also said that brainstorm idea of starting Apple occured to Steve Jobs in this very place.

Wonderful! Isn’t it?