‘Jugaad’. Indian Fans brought alcohol into the stadium and no one can even imagine this.


Security Kesi bhi ho, Indian’s can make Jugaad anywhere. Whenever there is IPL or World Cup, Indian’s are seen motivating and cheering up Indian Cricket team with blue jerseys and Indian flags. These cricket fans have another craze for Indian Cricket Team.

When it comes to Jugaad, Indians can make any jugaad at any point of time. You must have seen the different stuffs that they do to make their life easier. From different inventions to doing things in different way, Indians are never behind.

Now when there is such a huge Indian gathering, our ancestral art ‘Jugaad’ will also be taken along. Alcohol is not allowed inside the stadium, but some supporters of the Indian team cross the bottle under the nose of the security personnel. We are talking this with evidence (in fact, the drinkers have uploaded the video only). A bottle was hidden between a burger, someone made the binocular, a whiskey bottle.

Security केसी भी हो इंडिया वाले जुगाड़ कर ही लेते है 😀

Posted by Marwin Bliss on Monday, July 1, 2019

This proves that Indian’s are “Baap Of Jugaad”. Its quite obvious when Indians are cheering up for the Team India, they will need something to provide them enthusiasm and energy. This work as tehir energy drink.

You must be shocked to see the video and the Jugaad that Indian’s have made to take alcohol with them in the stadium. Well, have you also experienced something like this. Share with us in the comments section below.

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