Is Keto Diet Not Working For You? You Might Be Making These Mistakes


The Keto hype is ever-increasing. A number of celebrities swear by it which gives enough reasons to people to follow it. From Kim Kardashian to Bhumi Pednekar, there are so many individuals who have lost weight and got fit by following this much talked about diet.

• Does Keto work for everyone?
The popular “Keto” diet involves the consumption of high fat and low carb content has emerged as one of the most successful ways to get fit and lose those extra kilos. Keto has its own fair share of merits. But isn’t like it works like charm for everyone. Infact, bollywood actress Sara Ali Khan, whose body transformation is epic, claims that keto didn’t work for her.

It can happen that despite your best efforts Ketogenic diet does no good to you in yielding results. Believe me, it can be pretty frustrating to not see the results you desire even after sticking to such restrictions that Keto forces. However, the common mistakes that people make while following Keto are not as hard as you think.

• Portion size matters
A major misconception among people about Keto diet is that it portion size is often ignored. Measuring you food in macro quantities is very important while following this diet. If you are sticking to the portion size, you are making a mistake.

Another possibility is that you are consuming more carbs or fat than the diet requires you to.

• Blame it on the stress
In stress conditions, cortisol production accelerates which in turn, sends the body a signal to slow down on fat release and instead retain it. Leptin resistance in the body can also be triggered by unmanaged stress levels.

• Routine is important
It goes beyond doubt that Keto is a hard diet to adopt. From food choices to the restrictions involved, it’s not surprising that many find it hard to stick to the diet and opt out of it. In order to be on a Ketogenic diet, you have to be hell-bent on following keto. It is recommended that journalise your records and keep a close watch on your health habits and dietery intakes.