Is Deepak Kalal Really Kashmiri, check Here


Deepak Kalal is Funny, Indian Youtuber. He was born on 19 octuber 1972 in Pune, Maharashtra. He Joined YouTube on 13 July 2017. Deepak Kalal is known as controversial king . He is famous for making comic you-tube , Instagram videos. Deepak has got Lakh,s of fans on social media sites and on 13 August 2018 Deepak Kalal was seen in INDIA GOT TALENT Show.

Is Deepak Kalal Kashmiri ?

Deepak Kalal is Funny, Indian Youtuber, kashmiri deepak kalal, deepak kalal

Deepak has Developed a Brode Network on social media Sites. Deepak Kalal has youtube channel, with around more than 140k Subscribers Apart from youtube Deepak has instagram id with 100k followers ans on Facebook deepak has his own official facebook page with around 200k likes. Deepak Kalal is earning Approximately 1000$ Per month.

Deepak Kalal is Funny, Indian Youtuber

Deepak kalal started his youtube career in kashmir. At that time he highlighted several political and social issues in kashmiri , like braid chopping. Deepak Shooted his first video in Gulmarg , which is famous or Natural Beauty.

Deepak Kalal is not kashmiri. Some sites are spreading Rumors that deepak kalal is Kashmiri. Deepak Kalal was born in Maharashtra. How can Masharastra Born be Kashmiri.

Saying Himself Kashmiri , is only the Publicity stunt. He wants create an image of uniqueness by saying that , He is of kashmiri origin. The Fact is that nobody called him ” Super Star of Kashmir” . This name was used by Deepak himself.

Deepak Kalal is Funny, Indian Youtuber, kashmiri deepak kalal, deepak kalal