Inquiry ordered after signboard with ‘don’t use mobile phone while drinking’ message installed on Mughal Road


You must have seen sign board stating, “Don’t use mobile phones while driving”. These posters are created just for social awareness and safety. But most of us still have a habit of using cell phones while driving or crossing a road, which is very dangerous.

Have you ever seen a signboard with ‘don’t use mobile phone while drinking’ ?

Recently, a post including a sign board is getting viral on social media, in which it is mentioned “Don’t Use Mobile Phones While Drinking’. It is installed on the historic Mughal Road in Jammu & Kashmir.

For your information, let us tell you that, no random people have installed this signboard. This sign board has been installed recently by traffic police of Jammu rural wing at Peer Ki Gali on Mughal Road.

Superintendent of police (Traffic) Jammu rural, Mohan Lal Kaith told Greater Kashmir that an inquiry has been ordered into the matter and DySP Traffic of Rajouri Poonch has been asked to inquire the matter and to submit a report.

“Traffic Police Rural Jammu has installed a sign board at Peer Ki Gali on Mughal Road recently with the nomenclature that ‘Don’t use mobile phone while driving’ in order to ensure general awareness among the concerned drivers,” reads the order.

“However, it has been brought into the notice of SSP Traffic Rural Jammu that some disgruntled elements have changed the aforesaid sign board with the nomenclature that “Don’t use mobile phone while drinking”, which is a matter of serious concern and requires to be enquired thoroughly,” the order further stated.

“As such, in order to identify and fix the responsibility of defaulters, preliminary enquiry is hereby ordered with immediate effect and entrusted to Mohd Rafiq DySP, Rajouri-Poonch.

The enquiry officer shall enquire the matter into covert and overt and furnish his report/recommendations to the office of Traffic Police Rural Jammu immediately for further course of action,” the order added.

He further termed it an act of mischievous elements who changed the sign board.

As soon as this post got viral on social media, people started criticising and giving their different opinions.

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