Indian women are showing #SareeSwag on Twitter, and their pictures are just beautiful!


Sari is a traditional outfit of Indian women, in which every woman looks very beautiful and attractive. The speciality of the sari is that it does not need any special day to wear it. This is an apparel for Indian women who can wear them whenever they want. There is a special trend on Twitter about this crazy craze, #SareeSwag.

No doubt! Saree is the most favourite outfil of all women. This is not only our traditional dress but also makes one look elegant and beautiful.

Since #sareeswag and #SareeTwitter is trending on twitter, here is a picture of me wearing saree on my school farewell for the first time & many, many more times to come🌹— Amya Roy (@amyartweets) July 15, 2019

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