Indian Foods that are Quite Popular All Over The World

Indian Food Popular In The World

It is told that Indian cuisine is on the “Most Wanted” list of cuisines around the globe. Indian cuisine is diverse every few hundred kilometers as the style, customs and language change from state to state. Since generations, there are families who have been keeping family recipes and each cuisine has a different, distinct flavor and the blend of spices that is used in cooking. 

Indian Food Popular In The World

In the 1800s when British Took their adopted practices back to England, Indian Cuisine made its debut in the international picture. It is also said the Queen of England was so impressed by the Indian curries that curries were ordered to be bade every day in the royal kitchen. Today Indian Cuisines are all over England and around 10,000 establishments serve Indian dishes in England. Chicken Tikka Masala became the national dish of England in 2001. 

Let’s take a look at all the Indian dishes that are quite popular even outside India:

  1. Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken Tikka Masala, indian food famous in world

This had to be at the top of the list, without doubt. This delicious clay oven cooked, charcoal burnt chicken was innovated in Lahore and the rest is history. Thie crispy and smoky on the outside and tender and succulent on the inside dish has already taken the world by storm. Next in the list of innovations was butter chicken and chicken tikka masala. These are the gravy version of the tandoori chicken. It is cooked in spicy gravy and laced heavily with homemade butter. 

  1. Biryani


This concoction of chicken and rice is known to have more variants than any other dish. Mutton or Chicken is marinated in curd, browned onions and mix of fragrant spices and then layered with rice and sealed and then cooked over low heat for hours. There are modifications seen in the recipe in different regions. It is one of the most eaten food all over the world. 

  1. Chaat 

indian food famous in world

This simple street food dish has won hearts all over the world. It is just a mixture of yoghurt, potatoes, crispy puri, spices and herbs. The moment you put a spoonful of chaat in your mouth, the tangy and vibrant flavors will fill you with ecstasy. It is found every now and then in the nooks and corners of India as well as all over the world, especially Britain. 

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  1. Samosa

indian food famous in world, Samosa

This is another Indian Snack that is quite popular and is being served in gourmet gatherings. It is the Samosa we are talking about. This crispy fried dough which is stuffed with mashed potatoes cooked to perfection with some spices will be found all over the world. There are variations these days where a Samosa is filled with a chicken filling or with other ingredients but it is enjoyed as per ones taste buds.

  1. South Indian Food

South Indian Food, Indian Food Popular In The World

South Indian Food has set its footprint almost all over the world. There are many exclusive south Indian restaurants but most of the Indian restaurants have a south Indian menu which consists of Dosa, Idli, Wada which are not just healthy but also very tasty. It is usually served with Sambar, Chutney and other condiments.

  1. Kebabs

The art of making kebabs was introduced by the Mughals in India and from India it was taken almost all over the world. It is loved by patrons all over and a great favorite in Britain. To make this delicacy, minced meat is mixed with spices and herbs and then cooked over charcoal fire in skewers and what you get to eat is tender delicious meat with a lot of flavors in it. It is usually enjoyed with breads like naan or rumali roti. 

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  1. Naan

Naan, Indian Food Popular In The World

It is the most delicious bread for Indians and now it is loved all over the world. It is used as an accompaniment to chicken tikka masala and butter chicken. It is cooked in a clay oven as the tandoori chicken, that is how it gets the charred burnt flavor which is different from other flat breads. The flour is kneaded with various other spices and mixes if required. Two most popular versions are Butter naan and Garlic Butter Naan. 

  1. Malai Kofta

Malai Kofta, Indian Food Popular In The World

It is the vegetarian version of meatballs. Where meat is substituted with a kind of gourd or unripe bananas. These Koftas can be spicy or be made mildly spiced too. It is cooked a tomato-based gravy and topped with fresh cream. The balls soak all the flavors and is enjoyed mostly with bread and rice. 

  1. Palak Paneer

Palak Paneer, Indian Food Popular In The World

This is one of the best vegetarian options that is available worldwide. It is essentially made with spinach and paneer (Cottage cheese). It is usually the star of the table on most occasions. Just eat it with a few naans or roti’s and it will be a wholesome meal.

  1. Dal Makhni

Dal Makhni, indian food famous in world

Dal Makhni is basically thick lentils soup cooked with lots of butter. It was originated to be a vegetarian variant for butter chicken. It is slow cooked with tomato puree and butter. Even Non-Vegetarians prefer having Dal makhni on the side to complete their meal.