In this Temple, Lemons are sold for Thousand of Rupees.


We all buy lemons for Rs.3 or Rs.5. But have you ever heard that lemons are being sold for thousand of rupees? And people are even buying this. Yes, i know it is very hard to believe but it is the truth.

These days many states of India are suffering from intense heat. Temperature has reached more than 48 degrees in some states of India. There are many things to protect oneself from heat, but lemon has many medical properties.

It not only helps in improving our skin texture but also protect us from harmful rays of the sun. Eating lemon in summer is considered to be very beneficial. Let us say that lemon is of great importance not just for health but also in many religious rituals.

Let us tell you that many people hang lemon outside their shop to avoid any negativity. With this, the use of lemon is also widely used in other religious things. Although lemon is consumed everywhere but in South India, lemon has a special religious significance. Now you might be wondering why we are telling so many things about lemon to you.

In the summer lemon becomes quite expensive. But because of its properties, people buy it. If you insist on your mind and think about when you would have bought the most expensive lemon, or if you had paid the highest price of a lemon, then what would be the maximum amount of money in your mind? You would have never paid more than 10rs fro a lemon. But now we will tell you about a lemon that has been priced at Rs 27,000.

Let us tell you that this is not the first time when someone has bought lemon by offering 27,000 rupees in this temple. Even before this, a couple bought lemon from this temple by paying 27,000 rupees. Let us tell you that in this worship, lemon is offered to God for the first 9 days. It is said that keeping these lemons in the house keeps all problem away from the house. And everything is good at home, happiness and prosperity persists.

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