How Will Life Be Post Coronavirus Pandemic?


The coronavirus pandemic has changed the course of our lives. Even though it might take a while to return to what we called “normal” prior to this outbreak, but certain parts of our lives—like education, travel, and dating—will resume soon.

Here are some predictions by experts.

1) Traveling will be resumed soon, but social distancing will be our partner.
According to a report by Dollar Flight Club, though air travel has come to a standstill during the coronavirus outbreak, more than 40 percent of travelers are still planning trips for June through December 2020.

Assume social distancing to be alive and kicking, once we re-start hitting the airports.

Jesse Neugarten, the founder of Dollar Flight Club says, “Airlines will adjust by innovating how they interact with passengers. We can expect to see the boarding process move to a back-to-front system to help customers follow social-distancing guidelines and limit the spread of COVID-19. In addition, in the short term, airlines will not allow passengers to book middle seats.”

2) Better acceptance of teletherapy
Virtual psychotherapy lessons were gaining popularity before the coronavirus outbreak, but post the pandemic, we have run out of options.

Neil Leibowitz, MD, chief medical officer at Talkspace says, “Many people came to online therapy out of necessity as the ability to attend a face-to-face appointment vanished. As with many new things, the most difficult part of adoption is getting people to try it. What both clinicians and clients are finding is that they enjoy online therapy and that it is effective.”

“Many people will wonder why they took time off of work to travel to a therapist in the first place and enjoy the value of being able to just log on from home, work, or even a hotel room,” he adds.

3) Dating won’t be the same
When we do get allowed to go in public and kick-start the “dating” life, don’t expect things to be the exact same as they were prior to the pandemic.

“I think it will be intriguing how this changes society in a myriad of unspoken ways,” Domina Franco, a New York based sex educator tells Reader’s Digest. “Will people be as willing to make out with an attractive stranger at a bar?”