How to say no to go on a date with someone. These tricks will work as magic.


How to say no to go on a date with someone. These tricks will work like magic.

Dating has become fashionable nowadays. People mostly take their partner to restaurants or cafe on a date. The first initiative is mostly taken by the boys.

Many times, girls talk to boys but don’t wish to go on a date with them. Yes, you can assume that the girl is not impressed by the boy and do not want to go on a date with him, but there is also a way to refuse it. Many times girls very badly reject boys who are not right. But today we are going to tell you what you can do if you have to refuse a date.

There is no one at home:

Often people make plans for going on a date just after few days of chatting. If such a plan becomes a problem for you, then you can tell him that there are people at home and you can not come out. Or you can say that your friends are coming home and you cannot go on a date.

Job call:

You can give an excuse by saying that you applied for a job and the call has come. You are now busy preparing for the interview. You want to focus your attention on the job and therefore do not want to go on a date. You can say that you are preparing for a course and this date can wander your attention. This is such a trick that nobody will be able to force you too much to come on a date.

Not Well:

If there is talk of going to the date immediately, then you can say that your health is not well. This excuse from school time has always been effective. As your teacher knew that you are lying, the front will also know that you are not interested in it. Although he may feel bad, he will not be forcing you to come on a date.

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