How Much money Kashmiri Kalkharabs, Kashmiri Rounders Earn , check here


Internet in kashmir got 4G Speed in 2016 , But in 2017 about half of kashmiri population showed their interest in 4G SmartPhones And Finally in November 2017 Four Kashmiri Individual Youtube channels came into existence namely Kashmiri kalkharabs, kashmiri Rounders, Kashmiri Backbenchers  and Koshur Kalakar. Later on about 100 new kashmiri channels where created. In this Topic We will Reveal , How much money kashmiri youtubers Earn or Kashmiri youtubers Earnings .

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Kashmiri Kalkharabs. Kashmiri Kalkharabs is the No. 1 youtube channel is kashmir based on subscribers and views. It is the only Youtube channel of the valley having 320k subscribers and 30 Million Views. Kashmiri kalkharabs are earning approximately 1000$ (71000Rs) per Month. Recently this ery channel has recieved their silver play button for hitting 1 Lakh subscribers on youtube. Kashmiri Kalkharabs Joined Youtube on 23rd of july 2017. This channel is uplaoding 5- 6 Videos in a month.

Kashmiri Rounders : Kashmiri Rounders is the 2nd largest youtube channel of kashmir, Based on subscribers and views. Kashmiri rounders channel has 260k Subscribers and 27 Million views on youtube. Kashmiri Rounders Has Recently Recieved their Silver Play Button .These Guys are earning 700$ (50000Rs) Per Month. This channel was Created on 27th October 2017. Initially these guys where earning very low earning. when these guys started article 35A Series, They started Earning Huge Amount Of Money. Kashmiri Rounders are the No. 1 On the basis on video uploading speed. These guys are uploading a unique and funny video after per 3 days.

Kashmiri Back Benchers :Kashmiri BackBenchers is the 3rd largest channel of valley. This very channel has 150k Subscribers and about 15 Million Views on Youtube. Kashmiri Backbenchers are earning 400$(28000Rs) per Month. Kashmiri Backbenchers channel was created on 4th december 2017. These Guys are uplaoding 4 Videos per month. Kashmiri backbenchers has also recently recieved their Silver play button.

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