Here’s Why It Is Important To Dress Up Everyday Even In These Times Of Self Isolation


The coronavirus pandemic has brought the world to halt. We are officially in the third week of self-isolation and we are coming close to insanity. Many of us are working from home and really missing our offices now.Thanks to coronavirus, 21 days of lockdown has pissed us in so many ways.

Seeing people, drinking coffee with colleagues, hanging out with friends – these are definitely the major missing elements from pur lives currently. Social distancing – a word that was coined during this pandemic has created a void in our lives.

The one thing that is helping us in maintaining our sanity is our work which we are so grateful for. Those 9-10 hours of work are actually keeping us sane. To be happy and keep up with these hard times, it’s important to dress up. Yes! We are talking about dressing up well during these self quarantine days.

Here are the reasons why you consider it important. Trust me, I do it too and it feels nearly as good as going out.

1) More confidence leads to better productivity.

Our managers don’t allow us to from home in normal circumstances. Have you ever wondered why? Well, it’s because they feel it’s the time we take it easy. When you will ready and all dressed up for that 10am presentation, it will be a shocking surprise for your boss. He will be surprised by your productivity. It’s an opportunity to express your gratitude for your job.

2) Fresh body is home to fresh ideas.

Even though your going out is stalled as of now, your work still needs you. In order to keep up with it, one has to be fresh. When you’re dressed up well, your energetic mind triggers creative ideas.

3) It helps you in maintaining a disciplined routine.

The importance of discipline is immense. When you follow your routine how it was at work before lockdown, it reflects sheer discipline. You have a fixed schedule of getting ready for work, putting your best efforts in your work and working out, then no force can stop you from achieving your personal goals.

When you look good, you feel good. It’s all about mindset which is largely affected by how you feel. Elevate your mood, put some bright clothes on and some lipstick, you are ready to win the world.