Here is why tomato is great for your skin and body during summer.


Here is why tomato is great for your skin and body during summer.

In summer season most of us suffer from many skin and health problems. The heat of summer is increasing day by day. You can’t even think of walking out of your home during day time. And if you step out then you will get sun burns or say sun tans. The worst thing that we all hate.

The heat has reached around 45 degrees in many places. The most damage is caused to our face because of this harmful heat and sunlight.This makes our skin lifeless. To avoid tanning of skin from sunlight, people use various types of beauty products. You will be surprised to know that a tomato can help you to get rid of these sun tans and its more effective than other expensive chemicals products from the market.

The problem of sun tanning can also be removed with the help of tomatoes. The properties present in tomatoes are not less than a boon for the face. Lets know its benefits.

1. Use as Cleanser:

Tomato does the cleaning very well. If you have come from outside, then it should be used. If any product of the market is used then there can be chemicals which can effect our skin. It is good to use it as a face-pack.

2. Helps in removing the pores:

The bigger pores in the face makes it look aged and lifeless and the dirt gets easily stored in the face which makes it damaged. If you want you can reduce these pores. Mix the juice of tomatoes with lemon juice, dip the cotton in it and wipe the face. This will make the pores smaller.

3. For fairness:

Always use tomato in combination with something like cucumber or papaya. This gives fairness. This is beneficial for oily skin, but those who have dry skin or have any kind of allergies, do not even use it.

4. Removes Black heads:

Rubbing the tomatoes in the black heads areas helps in removing the blackheads of the face. And your face looks clean and bright.

5. Removes Sun Tan:

By applying lemon and tomato juice, a little oatmeal, a spoon of curd and tomato pulp, the sun tanning gets removed and the skin gets tight for several days. Let this mixture dry and after 5 minutes, clean it with cold water. You will notice the difference in face.

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