Have You Seen Pathan Brother’s Wives? Bollywood Actresses Are Nothing In front Of Them.


Have You Seen Pathan Brother’s Wives? Bollywood Actresses Are Fail In front Of Them.

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Pathan Brothers have achieved their success through Indian Cricket. The Pathan Brother has always made India proud with their performance. Although Irfan Pathan has taken retirement from cricket but there was a time when he was the greatest bowler of the team. Just like that, Yusuf Pathan has also won the team several times either by bowling or by his batting. It is worth mentioning that Irfan Pathan is currently a commentator in the IPL, while Yusuf Pathan is playing on behalf of Sunrisers Hyderabad. In these days, pictures of wives of the Pathan brothers are getting viral on social media these days.

Who is Irfan Pathan’s Wife?

Irfan Pathan’s wife is not less than a Fairy. She looks too beautiful and gorgeous. Irfan Pathan was one of the best cricketer and bowler of the Indian team. He was known as an all-rounder. Let us tell you that Irfan has been the biggest bowler of the Indian team. Irfan Pathan who had retired from cricket had married his wife in 2016 after dating her for 2 years. According to the report, both of them met in Dubai in 2014.

Isn’t She Gorgeous?
She was a model and has worked as a journalist too

Safa was just 21 when she tied the knot with Irfan. They married in a simple ceremony in Mecca

You must be surprised that the wife of Irfan Pathan, who is always seen in Burkha, is not a common woman but a model.

Yes, today she may appear in the Burkha every time, but she has been a Famous model earlier.

Who is Yusuf Pathan’s Wife?

Yusuf Pathan is considered to be a very quiet cricketer. He looks very active on the field but he is very shy kind of a person in personal life. So far, whenever the cricketer Irfan Pathan and Yusuf Pathan’s Wife were seen, they were always seen in Burkha.

On one hand, where many cricketers wives come to watch their match on the ground, Pathan Brothers’ wives often watch their match at home. Let us tell you that in 2014, Yusuf married Ayesha, a Mumbai resident. Today they have two sons.