Have you ever checked the bottom of Paper Boat Drinks? No? You missed it!

Paper Boat Drinks

Paper boats is one of the favourites drinks of people in India. It never fails to amaze the people with its epic taste and flavours.

Paper boat is not only known for its taste but is also known for its sassy and heartwarming advertisement messages and creative production.

Have you ever checked its bottom? Most of us have not. And thats what we have really missed. But this guy shared something on Twitter that we all might have missed.

 It amused us so much that we googled for more such images. Sadly, there were none. Looks like we all missed their innovative packaging.

We seriously missed this innovative packaging.

So a thread was started on Quora related to paper boats and soon we got some different answers.

Thanks to Kshiteissh Bharadwaj

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