Hats Down: Without Proper Gear And Biscuit-Water For Dinner, Diligent Doctors Of Mumbai Work 12 Hours Shift


King Edward Memorial (KEM) hospital is the second hospital in Mumbai that geared up for COVID19 testing. The medical professionals are working relentlessly to combat the disease caused by the novel virus. Social media posts and pleas of doctor claims that they are working long hours with insufficient protective gears. Allegedly, they are not even provided proper food.

According to Times Of India, a social media message about the resident doctors at King Edward Memorial Parel, claims that doctors are just having meals of biscuit and water late night. Following which the staff at Taj stall sent food packets to all staffers at municipal hospitals.

Reportedly, one post was shared which talked about the exhaustion, sleeplessness and hunger. The post says, ‘There was no availability of even tea or coffee. Ahead of us was a 12-hour fight till the morning. We had to work even if with an empty stomach !! We said to each other, ‘chhod yaar dekha jayega’ and went on to have Parle G with water which couldn’t have tasted better’.

And after receiving the food, to thank for the service, many took to Twitter.

If the social media posts are to believed, doctors at the hospital are not provided with proper gear to treat patients. And shockingly, there is not even enough food supply in the hospital mess.

Doctors and other medical professionals are working day and night to combat COVID19 and treat patients. They are risking their own lives. Not providing them with sufficient gears is not acceptable. This issue needs immediate attention.

As per the reports of Times Of India, ‘Five medical students from civic-run medical colleges were quarantined after being put on duty at Kasturba Hospital and at Mumbai International Airport. They tested negative (but will continue in quarantine for a few more days before a second confirmatory test is done)’.

The lack of proper facility provides breeding ground to fear of contracting COVID19.

Addressing the issue, Dr Kalyani Dongre former MARD (Maharashtra Association of Resident Doctors) head,, wrote a letter to the Chief Minister. She wrote, ‘Doctors use one mask for three to four days due to shortage. This is a risk to their health’.