Hardik Pandya is dating these two Bollywood beauties?


Hardik Pandya is dating these two Bollywood beauties? Do you know who are they?

The relationship between Bollywood and cricket is very old. We have come across many love stories of cricketers with Bollywood beauties. Now you talk about Ravi Shastri and Amrita Singh or with Hardik Pandya Urvashi Routela and Elli Avram. All names are associated with each other.

Although IPL is over but Hardik Pandya is still in the discussion. Yes, In Glamor World’s corridors, it is reported that Hardik and Elli have been broken due to Urvashi Routela. Now the big question is are these two really in a relationship? Or is there something now between Hardik and Urvashi? We do not know anything.


We just brought you some beautiful pictures of these beauties, which make them very special. Let’s have a look at thee pictures.

Urvashi looks Gorgeous.

Urvashi was seen in many films like the great grand masti and the hate story. It is also rumored that Urvashi is dating Hardik Pandya. Well, we don’t know what the truth behind this.

Urvashi responds to the affair with Hardik:


However, as soon as Urvashi’s name was linked to Hardik, she denied this on social media. Since then, this thing was over.

On the other hand, Elli had not confirmed her relationship with Hardik:

Elli had refused to confirm her relationship with Hardik, “Let them [people] be curious in life. Why do I need to clarify anything? By talking about these rumors, I’d just be giving more fodder for gossip [material]. Anyway, so many wrong things have been written over the years but I’ve never gone out and clarified [them]. Once you become a known face, people will follow you for gossip and news. But, we are not going to lock ourselves up. So, you can’t do much to stop these rumors,” she had said in an interview.

People have such strong mentality that no matter what I say [about Hardik], they will be like, ‘Oh, she is lying. We know the truth. She is hiding something’,” she added.

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