Greatest Of All Time Women Tennis Players in The History Of Tennis

greatest womens tennis player of all time
greatest womens tennis player of all time

Making the best of all-time list is a highly subjective proposition, specifically in women’s tennis where we have been spoiled with a lot of great champions. Since women were allowed to take part in Wimbledon Grand Slam Tennis in 1884, Tennis has seen 135 different women Grand Slam Champions. From Maud Watson in 1884 to the recent addition Sofia Kenin at the Australian Open 2020.

Greatest Women’s Tennis Player Of All Time

There are 30 women who have won at least 4 grand slam single titles. Out of which 10 managed to complete the Career Grand Slam which is winning all the four majors at least once. It is difficult to choose from the best women tennis legends and then ranking them. So here is the list of the best seven players of all time.

Billie Jean King:

Billie Jean King womens tennis player

Billie Jean King, despite having the seventh spot on the list, she is the most influential tennis player of all time among women and men both.

She also is a feminist icon of 20th century and dominated women’s tennis from the 1960s and till 70s. Without Billie Jean King women’s tennis would have been two decades behind from where it is today. She is the founder of the Womens Tennis Association which is the governing body of women’s tennis today. She won 6 titles in Wimbledon, 4 in the US open and 1 each in Australian Open and Roland Garros.

Monica Seles:

Monica Seles

She came into the scene in 1989 and stunned the tennis world. She possessed amazing retrieving skills, fitness and speed with her two handed unconventional forehand. She was ranked number six in the world by the end of 1989. In 1990 she went all out with a 36-match winning streak. The win at the Roland Garros 1990 fetched her the youngest grand glam singles winner title, seven years later Martina Hingis broke that record. She would have been much ahead in the list if not for one man who stabbed her in the back during a game.

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Margaret Court:

Margaret Court tennis player

She was amongst those who incorporated weight training and fitness into tennis. She holds the most number of grand slam singles titles, 24, by a player male or female. Court also won 21 mixed doubles and 19 doubles gram slam titles. She has the highest number of titles in the history of tennis which is a record 64 titles.

Chris Evert:

Chris Evert, greatest womens tennis player of all time

Chris Evert is known popularly as Cindrella in sneakers and her powerful game helped her win 18 Grand Slam singles titles. She had an astounding 90%-win rate in her 17-year long career. Holds the record for most grand slam singles finals by any tennis player, male or female. 

Martina Navratilova:

Martina Navratilova Best womens tennis player

She had a 32-year long career. In a singles career around 22 years, she won 18 grand slam titles which includes 9 Wimbledon titles. Which is a record for any male or female player in the history of the sport. In her entire career she amassed, 10 mixed doubles, 31 doubles majors and 18 singles slams.

Steffi Graf: 

Steffi Graf womens tennis player

Steffi Graf was a benchmark for consistency across all platforms in her entire career. She won the calendar grand slam which is winning all four grand slams in a year. She won a total of 22 grand slam singles titles which is a record until now. She created a lot of records with finishing career grand slams 4 times. 

Serena Williams:

Serena Williams greatest womens tennis player

She had to the one at the top of this list. Known to have the most powerful serve best ever seen in the women’s game and rivaled by her sister Venus. She likes to force her opponents into submission immediately after stepping in the game. She is by far the best women’s player; tennis world has seen.