Google removes more than 3 Million fake business profiles listed on Google Maps.


Technology giant Google has removed more than 3 million fake business accounts from its map service last year (Google Maps). This information is given by the company in its blog post. According to the blog, these fake accounts were likely to cheat customers.

Google said that many times businessmen make a list of locally available for making fraud. Google Maps provides services for connecting people to the businesses and shows the way to reach them, etc. Product Manager of Google Maps, Ethan Russell said that “These scammers charge business owners for services that are actually free”.

He added that the company has been using a wide array of techniques and approaches to limit abuse on its platforms.

“(Last year), we took down more than three million fake business profiles –– and more than 90 percent of those business profiles were removed before a user could even see the profile. Our internal systems were responsible for more than 85 percent of these removals,” he said.

More than 250,000 of fake business profiles that it removed were reported to Google by users, and the company disabled more than 150,000 user accounts that were found to be abusive (up 50 per cent from 2017).

“It is a constant balancing act and we’re continually working on new and better ways to fight these scams using a variety of ever-evolving manual and automated systems,” Russell noted.

Customers reported over two and a half million fake accounts. The company removed more than 1.5 million fake accounts which were 50 percent higher than in 2017. Russell said that the company is working on removing such fake accounts and working on new and better methods.

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