Girl takes a picture with her boyfriend on Railway track. And what happened next will shock you!


Girl takes a picture with her boyfriend on Railway track. And what happened next will Shock you!

Love is a beautiful feeling between the two people. It is said that one can do anything in love. We have come across such a situation in Uttar Pradesh.

In Lalitpur, Uttar Pradesh, a resident of Pipra, one couple committed suicide by coming in front of the train. Just minutes before committing suicide, Rahul made two photo posts with Sangeeta on his Facebook account.

In one of the photo, he wrote a Caption ‘Love is Life’.

This photo is said to be a few days old. The second photo seems to have been clicked near the railway track. The couple has refused to say anything about their love affair. But the caption of the photo seems to be a love affair between the two.

On Saturday morning, the villagers reported to the police seeing the death of the young man and the woman on the railway line in Hidhi village. This created a buzz in the village. When the police reached there, they attempted to identify the body, they were identified as Rahul Vishwakarma, a resident of Pipra village, 22 years and Sangeeta Vishwakarma, age 19. The police then sent the dead body to the post-mortem.

The relatives of the girl told that Sangeeta’s mother saw her at three o’clock on Saturday morning that her daughter was not on her bed.

The immediate information was given to the family, the families started searching, but could not find her. In the morning the villagers informed about it and then identified it. The deceased was the youngest of three brothers and one sister.

On the other hand, the family members of the boy said that Rahul also suddenly disappeared at 3 o’clock in the morning. When this information came to his mother, she called and spoke to Rahul. On this, Rahul dropped the call while talking about returning home in some time.

After this, he did not reach the house. In the morning villagers reported the dead body lying on the railway track. Rahul was the eldest of four brothers and one sister. He uses to work in the farm and nurtured the family. Both the family refused to say anything about the causes of suicide.

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