Girl searched ‘how to commit suicide’? And what Google did next is unbelievable.


Girl searched ‘how to commit suicide’? And what Google did next is unbelievable.

Google has an answer to everything! Whenever we want to know the answer to something that we can’t even ask our friends, then its Google who then works as a savior. There are many things that we cant ask anyone. But that time Google works as our best friends, our problem solver, and everything.

Whether it’s me or it’s you, from searching for home remedies to our silly questions. Google has an answer to everything. The quick availability of information on search engines has really made our lives easier. Now in a fraction of seconds, we can get answers to our questions.

But today we are going to tell you about an incident which really saved a girl’s life!

24 years old was depressed and decided to commit suicide because she was going through her breakup and she could not handle this. Her next step was suicide. The boy got a government job and thus his family was against their relationship and he was forced to leave her.

She further could not handle this breakup and decided to commit suicide. She decided to end her life by jumping in the Yamuna canal, 4 km away from Saharanpur.

But right before jumping, she thought of searching some easy ways to commit suicide. So she searched on Google, “How to commit suicide”. The search result was even more shocking!

Google really worked as a Surviour for this Girl!

Instead of giving suicide methods, Google results responded with suicide helpline numbers, including the number and website details of Aasra, a crisis prevention center. The girl dialed the number which landed at the office of the Deputy Inspector General of Police.

“On January 3, I got a call from the girl on my public number. She was quite nervous and was about to end her life. She told me she had even searched how to kill herself on Google. Among the search results, she told me, she found my number. I heard her out and told her to come to my office so we could talk about it in detail,” DIG Jitendra Kumar Shahi told TOI.

Google really saved this girl’s life. Instead of giving suicide methods, google answered sensitively and brilliantly. Technology saved the life of a girl.

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